Social Media Marketing

If you’re not doing any social media marketing your business is missing out on gaining targeted traffic from websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media marketing is a key component of the modern business, which means that it’s almost impossible to grow without a great social media presence.

Free and paid social media traffic

We have the ability to create both free and paid social media marketing campaigns for you. Free social media campaigns mean we maintain an active social media presence on your behalf, with paid meaning we execute on highly targeted and powerful purchasing of ads on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

By working with Wander on your social media marketing efforts you will grow your audience and revenue in a cost effective way.

Social media marketing is important for every modern business

Social media marketing has moved from the novelty phase to the necessity phase. Without a social media presence it’s going to be hard to make customers more loyal and help new potential customers discover you. The benefits of a great social media marketing strategy include: increased sales, better customer insights, increased traffic, increased exposure, more loyal fans, higher quality leads, the ability to grow business partnerships, and a reduction in marketing expenses.

A report by Social Media Examiner shows just how important marketers feel social media marketing is. In the report, 86% of marketers said social media is important for their business and 89% of marketers stated that the increased exposure social media offers is what they consider the number one benefit of social media marketing.

Paid Social Media

We use our proven social ad purchasing methods that combine tactical targeting, bidding, and eye-catching graphics to launch highly successful social media campaigns. Your business will grow with smart social media campaigns and we will create and manage all of your campaigns for you.

Social Media Management

Always forgetting to update your social media profiles or haven’t created any social media accounts for your business yet? We’ll manage or launch your pages for you. We’ll use striking creative and a focused strategy that will allow us to accomplish your business goals.