Who We’ve Worked With

We operate out of Los Angeles and Amsterdam, and work with clients all around the world.

Below are some of the companies that we have most recently worked with:

We work with LeadBoxer in the Netherlands to help this venture-backed B2B SaaS startup accelerate its growth. We maintain a strong content strategy and perform data analysis to assist in making business decisions with them.

We work with Everwealth in Australia to achieve fantastic growth results as this financial startup positions itself against competitors such as Mint and YNAB.

We work with Modern Prestige in Boulder, Colorado to assist in lead generation and website maintenance. We help Modern Prestige sell more homes priced over $1 million USD.

We work with TOMS to create and distribute content when they launched the TOMS Eyewear brand.

Burberry provided us with boxes of menswear and told us to create content with it. We created content in Boulder, Colorado and promoted the images on a popular lifestyle and culture blog.

Oakley provided us with boxes of lifestyle sunglasses and clothing. We created content that was distributed on a popular lifestyle and culture blog.

We work with WipeRecord to lower the cost of advertising. We do this by setting up data funnels and finding creative ways to reduce the cost-per-click of ads.

We assisted this Spain-based startup in kickstarting the growth of their newsletter. Our efforts were focused on creating more pre-launch awareness and interaction for the yoga retreat company.

Before Alex founded Wander, he worked at Name.com where he grew their social media following and attributed revenue substantially. Additional, he pushed for increased event engagement to promote New TLD domain names.

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